Glass Louvre System GP3300


Glass louvre system for maximizing air circulation 24h a day whilst providing a safe environment. A glass louvre system that offers comfort, design and performance in ventilation, lighting and sun protection, suitable for commercial and residential buildings.

The “Jalousie” system is very popular in the tropics, where the blinds fulfil a vital role in regulating indoor temperatures.

As in all systems, only the highest components are used to minimise maintenance and ensure long-term performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Glass movable louvers 6 mm thickness with rotation centers of 120 mm or 145 mm.
  • Possibility of fixed glass on the top, can meet different heights.
  • Possibility of glass louvers or blind profile.
  • Perimeter water tightness assured by high quality seals.
  • Handled by a special cremone, which performs motion 0°-90°-180° and fins respectively 0°- 45°- 90°.
  • Mounting capability of supporting frame profiles at the top and bottom of the structure.
  • Mounted independently or in collaboration with opening – sliding frames.
  • Perimeter accepts joint covers for improved aesthetics.
  • Stylish, simplicity and functional.
  • Maximum airflow 24 hours a day.
  • With a combination of glass and / or aluminum blinds, absolute privacy can be achieved without sacrificing airflow.
  • Significant energy savings (reduction of air conditioning in summer and keeping the warm air in winter)