The GP570 Dynamic Plus system belongs to the generation of thermal insulation systems where maximum safety, high energy efficiency, dynamic design and unrivaled functionality dominate. It offers the absolute safety of perimetric locking while allowing constructions for adverse climatic conditions due to the increased
profile thickness and the use of 34 mm thickness reinforced polyamides. The multiple locks’ maximum security and the undisputed aesthetics of simple and flat lines that stand out, make the GP570 Dynamic Plus the ideal solution for modern houses and for buildings with demanding specifications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Μulti-chamber central gasket that secures optimum impermeability preventing energy loss.
  • Limited profile number fitting in every construction.
  • Three levels of waterproofing.
  • Option of using mechanism CAMERA ALU 16 (stainless steel locking mechanism on perimetric system).
  • Integrated gasket around the frame ensures not only the sealing but also the insulation of the frame.
  • Manufacturing capabilities with bead cutting of 45° degrees and snap-joined bead for excellent aesthetic result to the inside of frames.
  • “Curtain” gaskets that deliver extra thermal insulation.
  • Possibility of profile shielding using steel sheets inside the frame, for enhanced anti-burglary protection (WKIII).