Europa, complying with the dominant architectural trend of minimalism combining aesthetic simplicity with luxury in the industrial design, presents the new aluminum architectural system Europa Minimal Frame.

Europa Minimal Frame is a pioneer system in its category, through its design philosophy. Its variety of applications make it ideal for residential and hotel constructions, combining straight lines with the smallest possible 25mm aluminum frame, “carving” new horizons.

The system offers multiple typologies for architectural constructions with high requirements and specifications, suitable for very large openings, ensuring unobstructed view, plenty of light and unobstructed movement to the outside or inside. The system is completed by the high performance in thermal insulation, sound reduction and waterproofing and the perfect functionality in every construction solution.

The Europa Minimal Frame is specified in projects of high construction and design value, to add to the prestige of the overall construction. The system is specially designed to combine the interior with the exterior, it connects people with the environment and unleashes human creativity.

The system is available in four (4) different versions of underfloor installation, with the option of full coverage of the lower guide with the floor material.

In addition, it is possible to either fully enclose the frame or maintain a partially visible frame from 25 – 30mm.

The visible vertical profile in the middle of the successive constructions has the smallest possible visible surface of 25mm, maintaining its static adequacy in large openings. When a combination of fixed parts with movable sashes is required, a column with visible side of only 30mm is used, maintaining the thin and discreet lines of the total construction.

The Europa Minimal Frame System is characterized by:

  • Freedom of movement, unobstructed view, and light diffusion, thanks to the thin section profiles.
  • High levels of thermal insulation with the use of 28mm polyamides and sound insulation through the option of using triple glazing up to 42mm.
  • Multiple construction solutions through:
    • four (4) different construction typologies
    • two (2) glass sash options on the side of the lock with integrated handle or with add-on handle
    • option to choose drainage system with a grate or a 15mm gap
  • Smooth and easy movement of the sash:
    • The moving sashes have two parallel stainless-steel bottom rails, which slide in a double array of stainless-steel rollers, of 24mm diameter, in the bottom rail, with a static load capacity of up to 230kg per roller
  • Easy replacement or maintenance of the sliding system, without the need to lift the sash out of the bottom rail
  • Absolute waterproofing through:
    • EPDM sealing tires
    • water collection and drainage system in the sewerage network of the building
  • Increased security through the option of selecting Multi-Locking Mechanism. Additional option to choose between different types of locking mechanism and handle, providing the advantage of easy installation and replacement
  • Safety from annoying insects through the option of installing a hidden screen of superior aesthetics, with Plisse type cloth or vertical with motor.


  1. Four different construction typologies for each architectural and construction requirement
    2. Installation of rollers in the bottom rail, for ease of replacement and cleaning
    3. Elastic (EPDM) sealing guide for guides
    4. Option of using triple glazing up to 42mm for high levels of thermal and sound insulation.
    5. Option for wall mounting of the profiles in the wall, for maximum transparency and light diffusion
    6. Two options of glass leaf on the side of the lock, with integrated handle or with an add-on handle
    7. Option for sink using a grate or 15mm gap
    8. Option of installing a Multi-Locking Mechanism for maximum security
    9. Option of installing a hidden Plisse screen or vertical with motor.
    10. Option of installing a brake mechanism


  • Successive
  • In-wall.
  • Combination of sliding sheets with fixed ones.
  • Complex constructions.
  • Angular construction.



The energy (thermally-cut) frames stand out from the conventional ones, thanks to the use of a special insulating material (polyamide) which is a bad heat conductor) that distinguishes the window profiles in two parts, both exterior and interior. In this way, high thermal insulation is achieved, with considerable benefits also for soundproofing.

Thermal insulation of the windows (coefficient of thermal conductivity) is measured in W / m2k. This factor defines the amount of heat in Watt per unit of time that a 1m2 frame can penetrate when the temperature difference between its two surfaces (in-out) is 1 degree (1 ° C).

An energy aluminium frame also requires the corresponding glass (glass pane). A glass pane and aluminum profiles have different coefficients. The coefficient of thermal permeability of the aluminum profile is called Uf (U Frame – frame) and the coefficient of the glass is called Ug (U Glass – glass). Combined, they give the Uw coefficient (Window U – window), which refers to the frame as a whole, precisely because the glass and the window profile occupy a different surface each time depending on the dimension of the window frame (bathroom window, balcony door, etc.).

In summary, the benefits of heat-shrinking frames are the following:

  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of cooling / heating costs
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Minimizing of water vapour penetration on the inner surface of the profiles
  • Low air permeability
  • Soundproofing
  • Delivers transvalue on the property (rental / sale)