What is the purpose of the CE Marking?

The purpose of the CE Marking is the transparency in terms of the performance of the frame to protect the final user and the manufacturer: the perception that the manufacturer knows what he sells and what he produces, as well as for the market, what he purchases.

The company manufactures frames according to the EN 14351-1 CE marking and applies the FPC for all production stages.


What is the purpose of the “CRETAN HANDS” certification?

“CRETAN HANDS” is a network for the dissemination and enhancement of Cretan quality and tradition with multiple benefits for the Cretan economy. Its aim is to select authentic Cretan products with a common branding and uniform quality resulting in the creation of a strong name.

For this purpose, a process is being developed to identify the products manufactured in Crete, including control, certification, demarcatrion, marking, and, at the same time, a process of promotion to visitors based on the idea that they are handmade and authentic.

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