For the professionals of hotel industry who want to give Comfort, Luxury and Surplus Value to their accommodation, also for the individual who wants to upgrade his space, the Outdoors Furnitures Skepi, Embrace, Maisonette, Livelo, Alpha Bed, Aigaion, Aigaion Plus, Synopsis, Step Up2 Upscale, and Klim-max, also the many “extras” that are combined with them, are the ideal solution!

Products made 100% in our factory. The frame in our products is made entirely of aluminum. The painting is done in the privately owned paint shop of Pikrakis SA. The screws are stainless steel, while the curtain fittings are anodized aluminum. The proposed fabrics meet the specifications for seaside use.

It is a light construction that is easy to assemble and has a low storage volume.

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