On Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st of June 2018 the International Forum “Hellenic Aluminum: Investments, Extraversion, Sustainability” took place at the Athens Concert Hall. The Pikrakis Aluminum Industry, and, more specifically, Mrs. Adamantika Pikraki, as a member of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, took part in this International Forum.

Active participation in the events of the Municipality of Heraklion that are part of the European Sustainable Energy Week, which is the largest European event devoted to renewable energy and energy efficiency in all European countries.  

Our company is an official member of the energy cluster of Crete! At Pikrakis SA, we consider that the energy saving is of the highest priority, so our participation is aimed at the exchange of ideas at the level of cooperation, as a result of its development.

The Pikrakis Aluminum Industry, in recent years, “is playing ball”, supporting sports !!! It daily demonstrates that, apart from its sensitivity to the quality of its products, it stands by sports, making in recent years, various sponsorships.                

Holidays in the Barbados Islands West Indies for our company staff! At Accra Beach Hotel & Spa on the Barbados Islands West Indies, is where our company’s crew is! They will stay for almost a month … no matter how hard they work, they find some time for relaxation and enjoyment! The real purpose of the trip, however, is to place aluminum frames and railings in this amazing Caribbean hotel!

Monday, the date of 27.11.2017, was a very creative day for all of us! Students of the AKMI Vocational Training Institute, of the Decoration department, visited our company facilities. Through an experiential experience, the students got to know the aluminum and recognized the contribution of its products in decoration. Colour, cross sections and design combine and complete the aesthetics and the functionality of the space.

Subsidised programme for the replacement of aluminum window frames for residences in Greece.

Active participation of our company at the 13th Panhellenic Conference: “Aluminum & Construction” on 20-22 October 2017, at the Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort of Crete. The subject regards the world of hotels, architects and engineers and, of course, aluminum manufacturers.  

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