EWS 40


EUROPA EWS 40 is a complete system designed to meet a wide range of construction needs in buildings. It perfectly covers functional needs, such as shutters that offer safety, shading. The system also offers multiple aesthetic requirements as it can be used for exterior and interior decoration in combination with systems such as EUROPA ELEMENT.

The construction options include a wide range of blinds and shading profiles. The option for a mobile blind mechanism, allows for adjustment of ventilation and lighting in the space. At the same time, the option for a built-in screen offers protection from insects, allowing the unobstructed ventilation of the space, throughout the year.

A main advantage of the system is the ability to cover opening, folding and sliding structures using many common profiles and components.


  1. Suitable for any configuration requirement in modern or traditional buildings.
  2. All its construction typologies (opening, sliding, folding, fixed) are possible with the same sash.
  3. The shutter sash pr ovides security, shading and can be combined with insect protection screen.
  4. Option for movable louver mechanism for adjusting the lighting and ventilation in the space.
  5. Can be combined with existing older opening and sliding systems.
  6. Ideal for shading or wind protection with the EUROPA Pergola (EPS-80).
  7. Can be combined with EUROPA ELEMENT for unique aesthetics and decoration for every type of space.
  8. Suitable for installation on balconies, in the exterior of the glass railings EUROPA Glass Railing EGR-8400.


  • Opening
  • Sliding
  • Folding
  • Fixed