Pergola NYFAN Jumbo is a heavy duty movable ceiling system made up of aluminum and PVC fabric for outdoor protection. It is specially designed for Large Scale Constructions and Commercial Outdoor Spaces. It provides sun, wind, rain and partial snow protection. Properly Installed and with the correct inclination, it can stand wind forces up to 11 Beaufort.

Pergola Maximum Dimensions:

Width Projection
2 rails 450 cm 1.000 cm
3 rails 900 cm 1.000 cm
4 rails 1.350 cm 1.000 cm


NYFAN for 30 years offers integrated solar shading solutions while focus on the growing need for protection against natural and weather conditions such as sun radiation and rain. Our company emphasizes on high quality, durability and raw materials application which is why we can guarantee long-lasting and durable shading solutions.