D75 is a highly insulated entrance door system that brings together the benefits of energy efficiency, structural stability and functionality.

Enhanced features and functions ensure optimum performance in terms of security and ease of use. In terms of design, Aluminco D75 offers a sophisticated architectural design of impressive flat lines. The surface of the door infill can be combined either withaluminium panels or all-glass unit. The system provides the ability to create multiple constructions for both commercial and residential projects.

D75 solution combines what architects, fabricators and developers have always valued: the highest degree for energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetic visual impact in the best possible way – from the perception of the idea to its implementation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding thermal insulation coefficient Ud=0.79 W/m²K
  • Polyamides 39 mm for increased performance and minimization of the bimetallic effect.
  • Optional insulation zone with foam filling ensures the highest level of thermal insulation.
  • 3 sealing levels with EPDM gaskets and a special EPDM foam gasket provide optimum water tightness.
  • Top security features achieved by the 3-point security locks and door hinges that can be either concealed or surface mounted.
  • Continuous low threshold of 13 mm height increases stability, enhances water tightness and minimizes energy loss.
  • Aluminum panels or glazing infills provide multiple design options.