EOS 78


EOS 78 Hybrid

EOS 78 Hybrid is the latest thermal break opening system of EUROPA. The system combines the robust design with the perfect thermal break coefficient and the modern aesthetic.

The system offers two types of profiles, one with straight line design for modern aesthetic and another one with angled edge design for classic aesthetic choices. The optional multilocking mechanism offers better security.

EOS 78 Hybrid can be perfectly combined with the sliding system EUROPA Hybrid A40 SL for composite constructions.


  1. Straight line and chamfered design pr ofiles.
  2. Use of 42mm polyamides.
  3. Safety profiles using multilocking mechanism for maximum security.
  4. Emphasis on minimal design with optional hidden sash profile.
  5. Increased thermal and sound insulation.
  6. Double or triple glass available up to 70mm.
  7. Capacity to meet all requirements according to KENAK (Greek Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings).
  8. Extra insulation ar round the glass pane.
  9. Extra insulation betw een the polyamides.
  10. Full recyclable double-extrusion rubber (EPDM-Expanded EPDM) for maximum thermal insulation.
  11. Can be combined with ESS 34 Hybrid system.


  • Entrance doors.
  • Opening windo ws (tilting or not).
  • Opening windo ws with hidden sash.
  • Fixed glazing.
  • Composite typologies.



The energy (thermally-cut) frames stand out from the conventional ones, thanks to the use of a special insulating material (polyamide) which is a bad heat conductor) that distinguishes the window profiles in two parts, both exterior and interior. In this way, high thermal insulation is achieved, with considerable benefits also for soundproofing.

Thermal insulation of the windows (coefficient of thermal conductivity) is measured in W / m2k. This factor defines the amount of heat in Watt per unit of time that a 1m2 frame can penetrate when the temperature difference between its two surfaces (in-out) is 1 degree (1 ° C).

An energy aluminium frame also requires the corresponding glass (glass pane). A glass pane and aluminum profiles have different coefficients. The coefficient of thermal permeability of the aluminum profile is called Uf (U Frame – frame) and the coefficient of the glass is called Ug (U Glass – glass). Combined, they give the Uw coefficient (Window U – window), which refers to the frame as a whole, precisely because the glass and the window profile occupy a different surface each time depending on the dimension of the window frame (bathroom window, balcony door, etc.).

In summary, the benefits of heat-shrinking frames are the following:

  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of cooling / heating costs
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Minimizing of water vapour penetration on the inner surface of the profiles
  • Low air permeability
  • Soundproofing
  • Delivers transvalue on the property (rental / sale)