ESS 800


EUROPA 800 series is a new Economical, Sliding system with a simple straight line design.

Designed to provide solutions for old doors and windows replacement as well for new constructions, showing emphasis on modern aesthetic and functionality. The rollers slide on stainless steel lamina giving a straight smooth and easy movement of the sashes.

EUROPA 800 and EUROPA 850 have a common aesthetic design and can be combined perfectly.

Wide range of accessories from all major European Companies covers every possible construction of the system.

Technical data summary:

  • Sliding system.
  • Certified for air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.
  • Sealing provided with use of rubbers.
  • Combined with EUROPA 850 for complex structures
  • Up to 21mm (maximum) double glazing.
  • Usage: Sliding and successive in-wall doors and windows.



  • Successive.
  • In wall.
  • Mixed constructions.