Horizontal roll up


The Horizontal retractable insect screen is the ideal solution for door openings. Equipped with an articulated bottom guide.

Available in 41mm and 32mm cassettes, it is a spring loaded manually operated system. Closure by magnet or latch is available upon request.

As a standard, it is manufactured with fiberglass mesh in grey color.

Adopting a brake mechanism, as an option, a safer, smoother and silent retraction is achieved.

In areas with intense wind loads, the presence of a mesh lock instead of the standard brush inserted in the lateral guides is recommended.

The maximum recommended dimensions of the product are:

Cassette Width Min / Max Height Min / Max
41mm – / 150 cm – / 240 cm
32mm – / 120 cm – / 210 cm

* Above max. dimensions refer to single doors only. Double doors with central closure are also available.