Insects Screen Hinged


The American type hinged door is the ideal solution for main entrance and kitchen doors. It is a manually operated insect screen based on a pair of hinges. In order to obtain an automatic rebate effect a hinge with spring substitutes one of the standard hinges, upon request. The cover strip on the frame can be easily eliminated if not required and a bottom frame, 8 cm wide, is used for higher protection of the product. Closure is achieved with magnetic strip profiles.

This classical insect screen door offers us a variety of ad hoc manufacturing options:

  • As a standard, the American hinged door is manufactured with fiberglass mesh color grey. Alternatively, other types of fiberglass mesh such as PET screen, the ideal solution for pet owners may be applied.
  • Instead of an insect screen mesh under the transom profile, we can fit various bottom profiles 8 cm wide together, using a Tongue and Groove technique (or apply an aluminum laminated panel).
  • The mesh may also be substituted by an aluminum laminated panel.
  • Arched structure.
  • Asymmetrical construction.
  • Off – centered construction, in case of double doors.

The maximum dimensions recommended are as follows:

Type Width Min / Max Height Min / Max
Single – / 110 cm – / 230 cm
Double – / 200 cm – / 230 cm