Simplicity at its best, SKYLINE CW35 is the new generation of Aluminco’s curtain wall system, which offers maximum transparency due to minimal face widths of just 35mm wide. The ultra-thin lines of the system allow your living spaces to be filled with panoramic views and natural light.


  • Slim façade design allows for maximum light penetration
  • Transparent facade offers breathtaking views
  • Two body types in contemporary and industrial -look- design
  • Best performance features with exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Combines perfectly with the SKYLINE W85HS for large facade frames
  • Ideally suited to luxury residential and commercial environments

Technical Data:

Exterior aesthetics: Standard / Industrial / Retro / Structural

Exterior visible aluminium face: 35 mm

Column depth: up to 185 mm

Transom depth: up to 192.5 mm

Glass Thicknesses: from 6 to 48 mm

Glazing fixed method: Pressure plate / Structural

Type of thermal insulation: Polyamides, Insulation Foam

Configurations: Fixed, Projected, Tilt and turn frames



Thermal Uf values from 2.0 W⁄(m²K)

Air permeability glass AE 1200

Water tightness glass RE 1200

Wind load resistance Design Load ± 1.4 KN/m²

Safety Load ± 2.1 KN/m²

Acoustic 45 dB



The energy (thermally-cut) frames stand out from the conventional ones, thanks to the use of a special insulating material (polyamide) which is a bad heat conductor) that distinguishes the window profiles in two parts, both exterior and interior. In this way, high thermal insulation is achieved, with considerable benefits also for soundproofing.

Thermal insulation of the windows (coefficient of thermal conductivity) is measured in W / m2k. This factor defines the amount of heat in Watt per unit of time that a 1m2 frame can penetrate when the temperature difference between its two surfaces (in-out) is 1 degree (1 ° C).

An energy aluminium frame also requires the corresponding glass (glass pane). A glass pane and aluminum profiles have different coefficients. The coefficient of thermal permeability of the aluminum profile is called Uf (U Frame – frame) and the coefficient of the glass is called Ug (U Glass – glass). Combined, they give the Uw coefficient (Window U – window), which refers to the frame as a whole, precisely because the glass and the window profile occupy a different surface each time depending on the dimension of the window frame (bathroom window, balcony door, etc.).

In summary, the benefits of heat-shrinking frames are the following:

  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of cooling / heating costs
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Minimizing of water vapour penetration on the inner surface of the profiles
  • Low air permeability
  • Soundproofing
  • Delivers transvalue on the property (rental / sale)