The SL55 Infinity is a topnotch SKYLINE proposal for structures in absolute minimal design. All design elements strive to convey the message of simplicity, allowing for light, form, material, space, and nature to provide the very best of living conditions.


  • Minimal design with concealed, floor-to-ceiling and wall to-wall, frames
  • Impressive views and maximum light penetration
  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Wide open spans maintain the sleek minimal look
  • Expanded range of tracks for on-floor, in-floor, or completely hidden installations, fulfil countless architectural desires
  • Designed handle and multi-point locking system
  • Enhanced Roller system that allows smooth sliding and operation, even for very large units
  • Ideally suited to luxury, residential and commercial, environments

Technical Data:

Exterior aesthetics: Flat / Minimal with concealed frames and flush-fitted threshold

Range of tracks: Hidden sash / Visible sash / Flat track / Low flat track / Hidden track

Frame depth: 150 mm

Sash Depth: 55 mm

Face height (Flat track edition): 41 mm

Visible aluminium face width (interlock): 25 mm

Visible aluminium face width (Meeting stile): 60 mm

Maximum sash surface: up to 10 m² per sash

Maximum sash weight: up to 400 Κg per sash

Hardware: Aluminco multipoint locking, aluminco roller system

Sealing method: Perimetrical, with 2-level of silicone treated weather strips

Glass type: Double/Triple

Glass Thicknesses: from 37.5 mm to 41.5 mm

Type of thermal insulation: Polyamides 18 mm

Configurations: Sliding, Fixed, InWall, Meeting Stile, Corner



Thermal: Uf values from 1.4 W⁄(m²K)

Air Permeability: Class 4

Water Tightness: Class 6A

Wind load resistance: Class B3

Acoustic: 45 dB