The W85HS is a SKYLINE highly insulated hinged system, offering the greatest possible degree of architectural design freedom by maximizing natural daylighting and granting enhanced views with outstanding insulation levels.


  • Maximum light penetration
  • Slender face widths with concealed window elements
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation levels
  • Impressive water and air tightness
  • Concealed fittings are possible
  • Suitable for both double and triple glazing
  • Easy access low threshold fulfills international requirements
  • Ideally suited for demanding residential projects

Technical Data:

Exterior Aesthetics: Flat / minimal design with hidden sash

Frame Depth: 85 mm

Sash Depth: 78 mm

Minimum visible aluminium face heigt (frame – sash): 56 mm

Minimum visible aluminium face width (adjoining): 78 mm

Minimum Threshold height: 14.7 mm

Maximum sash width: 1200 mm

Maximum sash height: 2400 mm

Maximum sash weight: 150 Kg

Hardware: Visible / Concealed hinges 180°

Sealing method: Perimetrical, 3-level with EPDM gaskets

Glass type: Double/Triple

Glass Thicknesses: from 28 mm up to 40 mm

Type of thermal insulation: Polyamides 30 mm, Insulation Foam

Configurations: Opening, Tilt and turn, Fixed



Thermal: Uf values from 1.4 W⁄(m²K)

Air Permeability: Class 4

Water tightness: Class 8A

Wind load Resistance: Class C2/B2

Acoustic: 44 dB