PV127 Armoured Door



STANDARDIZED NOMINAL DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 93/98/103 HEIGHT: 208/212/216. Special dimensions per 5 cm in width and per 4 cm in height, with minimum width 68 cm and maximum 123cm and height minimum of 192cm and maximum of 250cm.

  • Double armored door leaf made of electro galvanized metal sheet.
  • Frame with embedded false frame electrostatic painted in RAL 9005 black anti-scratch.
  • Perimetric profiles made of galvanized PVC coated metal sheet, anti-scratch in RAL 9005 black.
  • Heavy type adjustable hinges.
  • SECUREMME lock with retractable heart with 3 keys of four turns and one service key.
  • Limiting opening device for controlled opening.
  • Latch regulator.
  • Panoramic door viewer 180ο.
  • Automatic Door Bottom Seal.
  • Full perimeter rubber gasket for the frame.
  • 4 Central Security Bolts of the lock.
  • 1 Latch Bolt
  • 4 Side Moving Bolts.
  • 1 Top Moving Bolt.
  • 1 Limiting Opening Device Bolt.
  • 5 Stable Security Bolts.


Security has always been a major concern in the construction of our home. Choose an armoured door for extra security. The armoured doors that we propose are entirely built in Greece, by a certified, powerful and vertically integrated production unit.  http://kete-sa.gr/certifications   & video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW8lw90bgFI

TIP! Always choose an aluminium-coated armoured door if your entrance is exposed to weather phenomena. It also gives you the possibility of an absolute colour matching with the other aluminium frames!